Turtle Day

Enjoying a Turtle Theme Day after learning about these special creatures that God created. During this unit we learned how in danger these reptiles   are and how we can care for them.

K-2 Field Day!

On the same day the Grade 3-8s went over to Holy Cross for their Track and Field day, we had our own Fun Field Day!  Some events were the Back to the Beach day, Fill the Bucket day, and the 100 m dash!  Students wore their Team Color (Team Blue, Yellow, Red and Green) and did their best to be…

Fire Safety Presentation

Fire Fighter Del Blakney and his helper Sparkey, @Ktownfire, came to our school to give a fire safety presentation to the K and Grade One classes. Thank you for the very important reminders on Fire Safety Fighter Blakney.

Blessing Our Admin Assistant

Grade one took a baby cutting from our classroom Spider Plant. We put it in water and watched as the roots grew. Once roots were long enough, we transplanted it into a pot. We “gifted” the new Spider Plant to Mrs. Villeneuve in the Office. We love you Mrs. Villeneuve!

God’s Garden

Grade 1 is enjoying learning to care for God’s Garden. We’ve had fun planting and propagating plants. Each morning we check to see if any changes have taken place in our pots.

Temple Treasures

We have been learning about King Solomon and all his wisdom wealth.  As a hands on way to learn about the construction of the temple, the class was able to building their own Solomon’s temple.  We read from the Bible how it was built, and after that…. the sky wasn’t the limit as far as creativity and supplies. It always…

Is Cursive Writing Still Valuable?

      It is  that time of the year! Students in grade 2 anticipate the development of their cursive writing skills. Finally, the day has arrived and the cursive writing packages are handed out and the learning begins. Students embrace the curves and loops with steadiness and care. As we learn one letter, and another, and another; the loops…

Cool Cows

    Grade 1/2 has been studying animals, with special focus on God’s creation of the cow. In this part of Ontario, one doesn’t have to venture too far to see a tall standing barn with silos, and cows roaming the fields around it. Because cows are so common, they can be passed over for the study of more exotic…

Each Day

I am learning what a beautiful thing it is to teach, interact with, and “live life” with the students.  As I do, a whole range of emotions usually results. Like the day I said the students could bring their stuffy to school as a treat….. and found this guy sitting in at my desk when I walked in.  What FUN!…

Heavy Laden

“Mrs. Snoek, did you cut a tree down on your day off?” asked a student as she saw me walk in to school carrying a stump. “Why is there a stump in the classroom?” The stump in question is the Jesse Tree, a beautiful tradition I learned about only a few years ago.  Each day the students and I read…