Cool Cows

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Grade 1/2 has been studying animals, with special focus on God’s creation of the cow. In this part of Ontario, one doesn’t have to venture too far to see a tall standing barn with silos, and cows roaming the fields around it. Because cows are so common, they can be passed over for the study of more exotic animals that inhabit the earth. After a trip to a local farm (as reported in another blog), our wonder grew as we thought about God’s creation of the cow.  Students have found fascinating facts about the cows around us and the special God given 

qualities cows have to survive. We would like to share a few:

  • Cows can hear up to six miles away. This is helpful to hear a farmer’s call from the fields. Good hearing also helps cows hear predators approaching.
  • Cows have four stomachs. Animals with multiple stomachs are called rudimentary animals. God really thought about cows and their diet and used His wisdom to give cows four stomachs to help with the digestion of coarse hay, grass and grains.
  • God gave cows a tail to brush away flies and mosquitoes.
  • Cows have very good vision which helps them to see dangerous animals approaching.
  • Even cows like relationships; God created them to stay together in herds to protect each other.
  • God is a magnificent creator and created about 2000 breeds of cows! WOW!

God is to be praised for his provision and blessing of cows!