We gratefully accept donations to support the advancement of Christian education in our community. There are several ways to donate, including: 

Donations usually go into the general operating fund and are necessary in balancing the budget each year. Some donors however prefer to designate their gift to a particular project or fund like those below.

  • Kingston Christian High School
  • The Grace Fund seeks to be a blessing by enhancing the culture, programs, and experiences that provide students with the very best educational and faith-forming opportunities. The Grace Fund supports special projects, and unexpected curricular, familial, or spiritual needs that arise throughout the year. The Grace Fund was established to allow KCS to support its community in transformational ways and to provide provision where it recognizes a need. The Grace Fund was founded with a seed donation by a KCS family who recognized the unique ministry of the Christian school, and the sacrificial heart of the parents who treasure and support the community.
  • Gifts to the Endowment Fund are not immediately absorbed into the school’s operating budget, and are instead invested by our foundation. Only the interest earned on that investment is used each year. Such a gift is a way to express encouragement and appreciation for Christian schooling. It is an enduring expression of support that will ensure that a Christ-centred education will continue to be accessible for future generations. Donations made In Memoriam, unless specified, are allocated to the Endowment Fund.
  • The Bursary Fund makes Christian education accessible to young families and can be instrumental in a family’s decision to enroll at KCS.