Kingston Christian High School

Kingston Christian School is excited to launch our inaugural Grade 9 class this September!

Interested parents are invited to inquire or register by April 30.

Kingston Christian High School (KCHS) will be based within Kingston Christian School, a non-profit with over 60 years of experience delivering high-quality, Biblical education in the Kingston area.

Bursaries are available to families that have children attending other Christian schools. Contact us for more information. 

Compulsory Grade 9 Courses*

*Compulsory per Ontario Secondary School Diploma Requirements. Ministry course descriptions provided by The Ontario Ministry of Education.

Optional Grade 9 Courses

Roadmap to Graduation

Over the next four years we will be adding one grade per academic school year. Course descriptions are listed below by grade.

Please note: course availability is subject change, and course offerings will be finalized in the months leading up to the start of each academic year. 

Compulsory courses are per Ontario Secondary School Diploma requirements. Ministry course descriptions are provided by The Ontario Ministry of Education.

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