Farm Fresh

Farm Fresh

“It stinks here!” were the first words that were said when we got off the bus and arrived at our field trip destination.  As expected, within five minutes there was no longer any smell.  The excitement blew it away.

We have been learning about farms, and the class has so been looking forward to our farm field trip.  Farmer Maclean of Ripplebrook Farm gave us the royal tour.  He answered so many questions.  I am not sure if he or we had more fun.  We got to pet the horses, see the chickens, and visit the cows.  We arrived in time to watch the milking process.

As an added treat, there was a calf less than an hour old when we arrived.

Another calf, born the day before, was named after one of our students.

Thank you to the parents who came with us and especially to Farmer Maclean.