One Liners

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One of the things I love about teaching grades 1 and 2 is that when things start getting serious…. the students have a way of reminding me not to bother.
This was the case on our City Hall field trip, as I alluded to earlier.

“It’s a dandelion! ”
“It’s a pufferfish!”
“It’s a disco ball!”
(No, it’s the light in city council chamber)

The mayor was very gracious and sat down with us and allowed us to have a Question and Answer time. After a shy start, the students got on a roll:

“Did you know my dad takes care of your insurance?”
“Do you know Clare?” “No, I’m sorry, I don’t.” “She’s my MOM!”


Even the tour guide was not spared.

Tour guide: “Here is a portrait of Queen Elizabeth, and one of her husband. Does anyone know his name?”
“King Elizabeth?”

Tour guide: “Now I am going to take you to jail.”
Entire class: “YAY!!”
(Sorry, parents, for such low aspirations.)