Grade 3 & 4
Student Art Awards

Student Art Awards

This autumn, four KCS students received awards from the Students’ Art Gallery at Hotel Dieu. Congratulations to Naomi S. (Gr. 4), Ian H. (Gr. 4), Jubilee B. (Gr. 5), and Naomi D. (Gr. 6), whose artwork is a beautiful representation of the colour that God uses to decorate the fall season!

The students’ artwork is being exhibited in the gallery, which lines the hallways of the Children’s Outpatient Centre and the KidsInclusive Centre for Child & Youth Development located near the Main Lobby of the Hotel Dieu hospital. You can also view their artwork on the Gallery’s website at the following link:

Jubilee (left) and Naomi D. (right) created their bare-branch tree pictures with tiny pieces of torn magazine paper.


Ian (left) and Naomi S. (right) created their forest floor pictures with leaf prints on painted corrugated cardboard, and then decorated the autumn leaves with coloured pencil.