Grade 5 & 6
Paper Planes in the Making

Paper Planes in the Making

Over the past couple of weeks, the grade 5/6s prepared to take flight. They got ready for a paper plane competition that combines art and science. This past Thursday, they put their planes to the test for one of three prizes: furthest flight, coolest acrobatics and most attractive. 

The competition wraps up our science flight unit. As each competitor showed their plane, they described how the forces of flight affected their design. Thrust, drag, lift, gravity… all these and more play a role. 

In addition to designing for aerodynamics, each student decorated their plane using principles they’ve learned in art. Thisincludes organic lines, patterns, symmetry and colour balance – plus the added creativity of giving their plane some extra personality. 

As the competition took place, you may have seen the hallways littered with paper planes. It’s all in the name of science!

Check out these aeronautic designers in the photos below!