Sandy Walker-Mastin

Grade 1 & 2

@KCS since 2016

Bachelor of Arts (Queen’s University)

Educators lay the foundation and inspire growth in a child’s journey of learning. I strive to see each student as an individual, created by God, with specific gifts, unique personalities and strengths to glorify their Heavenly Father. It is my role as a teacher to see the heart of each student, and honour our Creator by observing, connecting and teaching uniquely to a student’s strengths and passions which in turn grows weaknesses into areas of student success.

As teachers we have a beautiful front row seat to be involved in the daily walk of a child as he or she is challenged on the daily academic, emotional and spiritual journey of learning. I measure success when I observe student growth in all three areas. Better yet, the blessing comes when a student realizes that what he or she just weeks or months before believed would never be achieved was achieved today. The growing never ends. Every day a student inspires the teacher.