Ruth Giffin

Grade 3 & 4

@KCS since 1999

Bachelor of Arts (University of Prince Edward Island), Bachelor of Education (University of Prince Edward Island)

I am reminded of the individuality of my students each day. Rather than fit comfortably into boxes, they constantly surprise me with their unique ideas. I believe each one has been created by God for a special purpose, and that it is my calling as a teacher to help them discover, develop, and celebrate their own special qualities. In our classroom, my goal is to create an environment of wonder and appreciation for God’s amazing creation, and I encourage my students to face challenges with curiosity and develop an attitude of determination. I have a particular passion for visual arts, and it is a privilege to work in an environment where I can guide the development of my students’ artistic abilities.

I teach visual arts classes each week, but also incorporate the elements and principles of art into all areas of our curriculum. Another area of focus for me is the development of reading skills. I believe that the ability to read fluently, for both pleasure and information, is one of God’s greatest gifts, and one of my yearly goals is to create young readers who can comprehend figurative and abstract ideas, read critically, and extract information from written language.

My students are given opportunities daily to work with each other on projects. Throughout the school year, they develop interpersonal and group skills, becoming more skillful in communicating, providing leadership, and managing conflict. It is always such a pleasure to watch them share and learn from each other.