Grade 7 & 8
Reading Buddies

Reading Buddies

The only thing better than getting lost in a good book is getting lost in a good book with a friend. Our reading buddies program pairs up grade 7/8 students with children in grades one and two. Think of it as 25 mini-book clubs!

A Reading Buddy program is a fun, personal and effective way to introduce the pleasures of reading to younger students. They grow as readers when they hear their more experienced “buddies” model fluent reading with appropriate phrasing and intonation. Discussing the text together also deepens comprehension. Social skills and work habits are improved as they see their older buddies following the rules, remaining focused on the task, and displaying positive character traits such as kindness and patience.

The older students benefit from this program too. They learn leadership, empathy, and problem-solving strategies while working with their younger buddies.

All of these moments help establish a strong sense of community within our school. KCS graduates consistently mention Reading Buddies as one of their most memorable school experiences!