Grade 3 & 4
Art Gallery Field Trip

Art Gallery Field Trip

During two recent field trips to the Agnes Etherington Art Center, I was reminded of the enormous benefits of visiting an art gallery. As the 3/4 and 7/8 classes viewed and discussed paintings and prints, they were inspired in subtle and inspirational ways!

  • They engaged with people in the arts community and were able to recognize the value of communicating and interacting with other artists.
  • They explored the texture, colour, and even the scale of various artworks up-close. This is vastly different from viewing it on a phone or a laptop!
  • They explored their own talents with their hearts, minds and spirits, as they created artwork in the studio (which complimented the theme of “emotions”).
  • They used their critical thinking skills, comparing and contrasting differences in the style, subject matter, and techniques of the artwork they examined.
  • They viewed art from other cultures and times, which allowed them to examine ideas of the past, recognize how human experience has evolved over the centuries, and develop historical empathy.

As children of a Creator God, KCS students are hardwired to both appreciate beauty and practice the creative process. We are blessed to have access to amazing artwork in our own Kingston community at the Agnes!