Welcome to KCS!

Greetings from the Principal!

What difference would it make to educate children to see the world as God sees it?  To teach children not just to count the number of seeds in an apple, but to count the number of apples in a seed as God might!  KCS sees this as both its mission, and its distinctive.

Jesus had an intimate knowledge of the potential and opportunity in the heart of a child, and told the adults of his generation to “Let the little children come to me…”  It was a rebellion against the wisdom of the day, but Jesus yearned to pour his Spirit into the little soldiers who would carry the light of Hope to the world.

worldChristian school is often mistakenly seen as a shelter, but a more accurate metaphor would be a green house.  Young plants are not put in green houses to make them weak, but rather the safe and stable environments make for an ideal place to get firmly rooted, grow right and true, and ultimately reach for the sky.  All too quickly, acorns become seedlings, and seedlings must leave the green house and become the oaks they are called and destined to become.  Where do you want your children to spend these crucial years and in what ways do you want them challenged?

Children spend almost a thousand hours each school year in classroom instruction.  Imagine the difference a Christian school would make to the faith nurture and worldview development of its students with such a vast timetable. KCS offers a quality Christian education based on a solid academic program.  The school culture and student life additionally provide a safe and happy place where your children can enjoy a deep sense of belonging as they cultivate significant and supportive peer relationships that could last a lifetime.

I hope the website will answer many of the questions you have about Christian schools, and more specifically, Kingston Christian School.  When you are ready, we hope you will contact our office to arrange for a tour or a full day school experience for your child.

staff_shonikerGod’s richest blessings,

Jennifer Shoniker, Principal