Reading Day in Our Flexible Seating Classroom

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Few words are guaranteed to generate such excitement and anticipation in our school as “Reading Day”! This event has been a tradition in our grade 3/4 classes, and the 7/8s voted unanimously to bring it back for their senior years.

This year, the students came to school prepared to settle in for an entire day of reading. They brought snacks, wore their pajamas, and had several types of reading material at hand, including novels, reference books, anime, and magazines. Some read eBooks on their iPads. And our special guest, Liffey, one of Mrs. Giffin’s family dogs, joined us for the afternoon.

Everyone got comfy with sleeping bags, blankets and pillows. Of course, our flexible seating classroom also provided plenty of places for the students to relax while reading independently. In addition to various tables, our classroom includes beanbag chairs, a papasan chair, an area carpet, large floor cushions, padded mats, two couches, and several gaming chairs.

On any given day in our classroom, our flexible seating also creates community and improves cooperative skills by giving the students multiple areas to collaborate while learning. Research has also proven that switching to multiple positions throughout the day is physically healthier than sitting at a desk (in one position) for hours at a time.

Check out these pictures of both Reading Day and other regular days in our classroom!

Reading Day


A regular day in our classroom