Grade 7/8 Servant Leadership

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One focus for our Grade 7/8 class has always been to foster the mindset of a servant leader. Christ’s leadership style was characterized by compassion, love and servanthood, and we want our students to emulate these attitudes of selflessness and humility while mentoring both classmates and younger children at our school. As well as regularly assisting each other with school assignments and technology in their own classroom, the 7/8s also interact in the school yard with children in younger grades while demonstrating patience and empathy. Students in our class have also stepped forward to lead worship teams at our Friday assemblies, volunteered to referee for Junior Soccer Tournament games, and selflessly fundraised with their own small businesses to support class field trips. As a culminating Bible activity, they also met with Grade 3/4 students to share their “Big Picture in Colour” booklets, establishing relationships of trust and support. Community is an important cornerstone at KCS, and we’re grateful for our Grade 7/8 servant leaders!


supervising Grade 5s       fundraising for our class



hanging out with younger children in the school yard



sharing Bible projects