Grade 5/6 Week of Fun

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This week has been a tough one for both students and teachers. It was originally our March Break, and it is clear that we all needed one! Fuses are short, yawns are plentiful and the time change has even affected Owen, our service dog!

I thought it would be helpful to have a fun activity planned for each day of the week to have something to look forward to. Please check out the pictures below for highlights from our week:

As we were just getting into the week, we had a regular Monday but discussed some of our ideas for the week. Students finished up their Science Fair projects and breathed a huge sigh of relief.

I set up a life sized coordinate grid in the gym. Students received a set of coordinates and had to stand in a spot while the other half of the class searched for “someone who” fit their clues.

They then paired up to create shapes on the coordinate grid with string.

After reading in Language about cathedrals, the students were given instructions on how to create their own “stained glass” rose windows. They are beautiful decoration for our class windows with the sun streaming in!

We had a rainy day today, so we jumped around to some GoNoodle videos and spent one class battling against each other in the math game Prodigy. For the past two weeks, gr. 5/6 has been competing in a world-wide challenge; trying to answer lots of math questions accurately!

The day everyone has been waiting for…Spikeball Tournament! The sun is out and we have been practicing all week. We divided the class into two tiers: Fun and Competitive. We created brackets, refereed the games, and had a blast outside enjoying the early signs of spring.