Our New Flexible Seating Classroom

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There’s only 1 student desk in the classroom, and it can be used by anyone!

When you first visit the 3/4 room this year, you’ll notice that the physical layout looks a lot different than a traditional classroom. That’s because we’re implementing a research-based classroom design called flexible seating. Instead of desks, we have beanbag chairs, a papasan chair, an area carpet, large floor cushions, tables of different shapes and sizes, yoga mats, scoop chairs (coming soon), and a bunkbed library.

Research has found that flexible seating increases student learning. Switching to multiple positions throughout the day is physically healthier than sitting at a desk (in one position) for hours at a time. The grade 3/4 students are also learning to choose seating options that work best for their individual learning styles.

Even though this classroom design provides the students with spaces to work alone, it also creates community and improves cooperative skills by giving the students multiple areas to collaborate while learning. Check out these pictures of the work (and fun) taking place in our classroom!