Sports Policy

Mission Statement

To be a thriving school that is valued and recognized for its unique high-quality Christian educational service and witness to the Kingston community.


Vision Statement

Kingston Christian School will be a school in which students are individually valued as God’s creation, and where they learn to enjoy and develop their gifts in ways appropriate to the situations in which they find themselves, and so live lives that constitute gracious, joyful and truthful witness to the way of Jesus Christ.


Goals & Objectives

Kingston Christian School teams exist to provide students with the chance to compete as individuals or as part of a team in an organized, structured setting against other schools. School teams must further the purpose, vision and mission of the Kingston Christian School Society.

Goals of Participation:

1. to become a truthful witness to the ways of Jesus Christ when a student is on the playing field

2. to enjoy and develop athletic gifts and talents

3. to show respect and appreciation to teammates and opponents and others

4. to develop the ability to win and lose with grace


Student Related Policy Statements

  • Kingston Christian School team participation is an extra curricular activity.
  • Participation is voluntary and not associated with a class credit or grade.
  • Participation is a privilege that can be lost or regained as a result of individual choices and behaviour.
  • A student may be temporarily or permanently denied participation for behavioral or academic reasons.
  • Students are responsible for catching up any missed work at the discretion of the teachers. Participating in sports does not excuse them from school assignments.
  • Students participating on Kingston Christian School teams are expected to conduct themselves in an acceptable and appropriate manner while participating in school athletic events. This includes during practice sessions at school and during games and tournaments at other locations. All school rules with respect to language, dress, behaviour, respect for others, respect for property, etc. apply in these occasions.
  • Students who are selected for teams are expected to attend all practices and games. If a student is unable to attend for whatever reason, it is courtesy to inform the coach ahead of time.
  • All students must sign a “Sports Contract” at the beginning of the school year.

Sports Contract – .pdf

Coaching Related Policy Statements

  • All Kingston Christian School teams must have a staff representative.
  • The staff representative does not have to be involved in the coaching, but needs to be in the building for practices and in attendance at games.
  • Coaches of athletic teams may be staff members, parents, or community volunteers.
  •  If there is more than one coach volunteering for a particular sport, it will be at the discretion of the school’s sports convener and Principal to assign the position.
  • One coach may not coach both the Junior and Senior teams, unless there are not enough volunteers.
  • All coaches must adhere to the Kingston Christian School Employee Volunteer      Reference Check Policy.
  • The selection of the team is left to the discretion of the coach(es).
  • There will be a minimum of two tryouts before a team is selected.
  • All students from the grade levels of the players selected for the team must be given a chance to try out. (If a coach wishes to include a grade 6 student on his/her team, all grade 6 students must be given a chance to try out. Note: This    policy applies only to team sports, as cross country and track and field are age restricted in categories.)
  • Coaches should try to select as many people as possible for their team to encourage maximum participation.
  •  It is the individual coach’s decision to choose what grades are allowed to try out for that particular team. Note: This varies from year to year depending on class sizes and ability. This is determined by the staff and event coordinator. (ie. Catholic School and Christian School)
  • Coaches are expected to select players not only on the basis of talent, but also   on characteristics including citizenship and attitude.
  • Prior to releasing the team roster, the coach must consult with the staff rep for that sport.


  • All practices must take place on the school property unless permission has      been granted by the Principal, and parents are notified (signed document).
  • Should a practice location, other than the school property be necessary, only the staff rep will arrange the booking, and any off site practices must be approved by the principal.
  • Coaches may not practice more than twice a week, before or after school, unless given approval by the principal.
  • Practices for sports teams take place at the discretion of the coach.
  • Coaches must communicate with players individually, ahead of time, about their “status” on the team and expected amount of playing time during games.
  • Coaches will give all players equitable time to play in the game. Coaches will  distribute playing time fairly, but not necessarily equally. Coaches are expected, however, to give each student opportunities to play throughout the day.


  • Coaches are also to be held accountable for their behaviour. They are role models and their treatment of their own players, opposing coaches and players, officials and tournament organizers needs to be consistent with Kingston Christian School’s expectations of its staff.
  • If there is a dispute at a tournament, only the teacher rep will be the spokesperson, attend any required meetings, and report back to the parent or Principal. The teacher’s decision is final.
  • When participating in a tournament outside Kingston Christian School, the coach and staff must abide by the rules and regulations set out by the host Board or school.
  • See the attached forms for the Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board, Code of Conduct.

After reading the school team policy, coaches must complete the survey located here