Meet Mrs. Bull, Our Kindergarten Teacher

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Children are a precious and fragile gift from God. What are we going to the do with that gift? Jesus did not ignore that gift, instead He opened His arms wide and invited them in. He took time with them, talked with them, laughed with them, and appreciated each individual trait He formed in them.

At KCS it is our privilege to assist in bringing up these children, these wonderful gifts God created. It is our privilege to nurture these children in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to watch them grow into young men and women who possess a strong faith in God and receive His kingdom. It is a privilege as teachers at KCS to be an extension of the arms of Jesus, enveloping his children, giving them a safe place to learn and grow.

As a teacher, I am richly blessed every day by each child that walks into my classroom. It starts simply with a “good morning” or a warm smile as they walk into the room. Each little person carries with them a story written especially for them. It is my pleasure to assist them in realizing their story. I cherish the opportunities I have to spend individual time with each student, making them feel like they are the only person that matters at that moment. In doing so I am reciprocated doubly, as in turn they make me feel just as special.

Yes, there are many things that must be covered academically each day, but the most important lesson for any child is that they are loved unconditionally by their Creator.

Lord, bless each day, and bless the children you have planned to cross my path. Help me to be what they need me to be. Thank you for calling me to be a teacher.

Anita Bull, Kindergarten Teacher