Learning Centres

Learning centres are specific areas in a Kindergarten classroom that facilitate students active learning in a variety of curricular areas. Carefully planned centres enable each Kindergarten student to work at his or her individual developmental level.

God has created each child with a variety of interest and abilities.  Through carefully constructed learning centres, concepts and skills are introduced, reinforced and extended at the level appropriate for each student.  Learning centres are designed by the teacher as a means of purposeful play in which children are able to make sense of the world around them and to use what they already know to expand their learning.

Learning centres are most often integrated with the curriculum to reinforce in more playful ways the concepts that have been taught.  Centres also provide teachers with opportunities to work with individual and small groups of students to extend, challenge and practice concepts.

Through learning centres, students are given the opportunity to explore, problem solve and express their own creativity.  Centres often require  group work that will help the students develop skills of communication, cooperation and responsibility.

The Kindergarten students at KCS have a half hour centre time twice a day.  They are free to choose the centre they work and play at, but are encouraged to experience new centres and play partners.

Our large classroom allows us the opportunity to offer a wide variety of centres, such as:

  • ABC Centre
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Bible Story Centre
  • Construction
  • Art Easel
  • Discovery Centre
  • Drama Centre
  • House Centre
  • Listening Area
  • Rice Table
  • Math Centre
  • Puzzle Centre
  • Reading Centre
  • Water Table
  • Duplo/ Lego Centre
  • Storytelling Centre
  • Toy Centre
  • Word Centre
  • Writing Centre
  • Fine Motor Centre

If you are contemplating school choices for your young child, we hope that you will take a moment to imagine a school…

  • where children sit at the feet of qualified teachers who love God and inspire a sense of awe and curiosity as they explore God’s amazing creation
  • where unique, God-given gifts will be celebrated
  • where students and their teachers worship together regularly
  • where success is achieved and skills are developed through purposeful play based activities
  • where building relationships and nurturing a sense of community is a priority

Everything you imagine for your child can become a reality at kingstonchristianschool.ca.