Kindergarten Curriculum Overview

The potential for learning that God has placed in the hearts and lives of young children is phenomenal.  At the ages of four and five, young children have a great receptivity for learning.  Their ability to acquire a variety of skills, knowledge and attitudes at this age will have major impact on their successful learning experiences in school, on their personal development and on their future participation in society.

At Kingston Christian School, we offer a Kindergarten program that supports the Christian faith nurture begun by the parents in the life of the young child.  As the curriculum opens new experiences and develops communication and discernment skills, the young child becomes aware of personal gifts and abilities.

Our school offers a Kindergarten program which provides a setting for social and personal development of the young child.  God has gifted each one of his little children, and the Christian Kindergarten is a valued setting in which these gifts and abilities are discovered and shared.  In this setting the children begin to learn their place of service in God’s glorious kingdom community.


The Kindergarten Bible program, Walking With God and His People, gives students an overview of both the Old and New Testaments.  Throughout the year, students learn how God showed His love for His people throughout the Bible.  The examples of biblical characters teach us how we, His people, can show our love and gratitude in return.  Throughout the lessons, Kindergarten students are challenged to find ways they can live a life in worship and dedication to God , and grow in the plan He has for each one of us.

Language Arts

God created us with the ability to use language to listen to him as he speaks in his Word and his world.  With the gift of language, people become human.  They can praise God, think, exchange ideas and feelings, create stories and enjoy the sounds of words.  As Jesus is the “word of God made flesh,” we see language, literacy and communication as a special gift from God.  Students at KCS experience a diverse Kindergarten program that cultivates listening skills, expressive language and visual discrimination.  Because children enter school with different levels of maturity in pre-reading skills, diverse strategies are employed to make reading instruction relevant, engaging for all, and ultimately sees that all students experience success daily.

Each day the children will be involved in the following literacy activities:

reading to children
reading with children
reading by children
writing for children
writing with children
writing by children
developing phonemic awareness skills
working with letters and sounds
learning interesting words around them


As children participate in concrete, hands-on activities, they are encouraged to explore patterns and relationships in God’s world.  Experiences are organized to encourage children to think, seek and discover the intricacies of God’s complex creation.  They look for patterns and relationships and begin to form generalizations, eventually relating objects and images of their own experiences to mathematical symbols and relationships.

Some of the main mathematical focuses each month at the Kindergarten level are counting and comparing, describing and sorting objects, graphing, classifying, exploring patterns, comparing and measuring and estimating.  Recognition of numbers and beginning practice with printing numbers is also a focus.  Basic geometric shapes and solids are explored.

Calendar time each morning allows more opportunities to experience numbers in a variety of ways, as the children put up the date, count the days, record the temperature and graph the weather.

Physical Educational

Physical Education is an opportunity for children in Kindergarten to explore the fundamental and unique ways God made our bodies able to move and to perform many physical tasks.  The children express thankfulness to God for their abilities and for the blessing of healthy bodies.  They learn to care for their bodies in healthy ways, such a practising safety in the gym and on the playground.  Physical Education goals in Kindergarten focus on fitness, coordination, stability and manipulation, body and spatial awareness and skill development.  Children learn to cooperate and work as a team through games and activities.


Children have a natural desire to express themselves through music.  Music is integrated throughout the  curriculum and is also an important part of our daily worship time.  The children visit the Music Room to explore such concepts as rhythm, pitch, mood, tone matching and beat.  Movement to music and exploring rhythm instruments are favourite activities in the Music Room.


Kindergarten children are led to respond to their Creator through observing the beauty of colour, symmetry, and design within creation, and expressing appreciation through their own innate creativity.  Skills with pencils, scissors, glue, crayons and paints are developed through crafts, drawing, painting, and manipulating play dough.  Picture making and illustrating stories are encouraged.  We work together to promote joy in the ability to create something and to promote appreciation for the creative work of fellow classmates.

Creation Studies

Through thematic units, the children learn to see themselves as members of a family, a school and a community.   Students will become aware of the natural environment and God’s order in creation.  They learn stewardship skills in caring for others and the environment by experiencing the connectedness of all of God’s creatures.  The Creation Studies curriculum is a vehicle for uncovering a creative and loving God.  The children are led to understand God’s plan and purpose for every part of creation.