KCS Teaching Staff

KCS staff represents a diverse background of experience and church affiliations, yet they share a common devotion to Christian education in general, and to KCS in particular. All our teachers qualify for certification with the Ontario Ministry of Education and many have advanced degrees and specializations. When we ask our Alumni what they appreciated most about their KCS years, they always say that it was the staff that impacted them most by giving them a tremendous sense of belonging and inspiration. Like those who have graduated out of our community of learning, new families to KCS continue to treasure the professional, relational, and spiritual gifts that our staff share with students each day, and are grateful that they have chosen to serve in OUR midst.


Jenne School Portrait 2017 (2)Jennifer Shoniker


Bachelor of Arts (Queen’s University), Bachelor of Education (Queens Queen’s University), 23 years, 6 years at KCS

It has been a blessing to me personally and professionally to have taught and administrated in Christian Schools for over 20 years.  I am challenged to integrate faith and learning each day in the classrooms, hallways, and yard at KCS. More than I minister, I am ministered to as I treasure every opportunity KCS gives children to engage their Creator in wisdom and in service.  This is profound worship for me.


Bull 2 staff picAnita Bull

Kindergarten Teacher, 23 years, 20 years at KCS

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Redeemer University), Bachelor of Christian Education (Redeemer University),

My role as an educator is to instill excitement for learning in young children’s lives and to build a strong academic foundation. I stress the importance of always doing your best and I challenge students to always strive to further their God given talents and abilities. In our class we work together as a team. We encourage one another and build each other up. That is our calling from God. My prayer is that my students will take this message with them as they grow and become disciples for Christ.


Mastin staff picSandy Mastin

Primary Classroom Teacher, 25 years, 2 years at KCS

Bachelor of Arts (Queens University),

Educators lay the foundation and inspire growth in a child’s journey of  learning. I strive to see each student as an individual, created by God, with specific gifts, unique personalities and strengths to glorify their Heavenly Father. It is my role as a teacher to see the heart of each student, and honour our Creator by observing, connecting and teaching uniquely to a student’s strengths and passions which in turn grows weaknesses into areas of student success. As teachers we have a beautiful front row seat to be involved in the daily walk of a child as he or she is challenged on the daily academic, emotional and spiritual  journey of learning. I measure success when I observe student growth in all three areas. Better yet, the blessing comes when a student realizes that what he or she just weeks or months before believed would never be achieved was achieved today. The growing never ends. Every day a student inspires the teacher.


Snoek staff picRebecca Snoek

Primary Teacher, 6 years, 3 years at KCS,

Bachelor of Arts (Redeemer University), Bachelor of Education (Queens University)

My desire for each of the students I teach is that I will be a part of their journey of understanding who they are in Christ, and who God made them to be for His kingdom. I desire for God’s Word to be active in their hearts and lives. I am so thankful for the open hearts and minds that the students share with me, and am deeply blessed by the community of parents, students, staff, and supporters.


Giffin staff picRuth Giffin

Primary/Junior Classroom Teacher and Fine Art Specialist, 25 years, 18 years at KCS

Bachelor of Arts (University of Prince Edward Island),
Bachelor of Education (University of Prince Edward Island)

I am reminded of the individuality of my students each day. Rather than fit comfortably into boxes, they constantly surprise me with their unique ideas. I believe each one has been created by God for a special purpose, and that it is my calling as a teacher to help them discover, develop, and celebrate their own special qualities. In our classroom, my goal is to create an environment of wonder and appreciation for God’s amazing creation, and I encourage my students to face challenges with curiosity and develop an attitude of determination. I have a particular passion for visual arts, and it is a privilege to work in an environment where I can guide the development of my students’ artistic abilities. I teach visual arts classes each week, but also incorporate the elements and principles of art into all areas of our curriculum. Another area of focus for me is the development of reading skills. I believe that the ability to read fluently, for both pleasure and information, is one of God’s greatest gifts, and one of my yearly goals is to create young readers who can comprehend figurative and abstract ideas, read critically, and extract information from written language. My students are given opportunities daily to work with each other on projects. Throughout the school year, they develop interpersonal and group skills, becoming more skillful in communicating, providing leadership, and managing conflict. It is always such a pleasure to watch them share and learn from each other.


Whaley staff picRebecca Whaley

Junior Classroom Teacher and Music Director

Bachelor of Arts (Queen’s University), Bachelor of Education (Queen’s University), 5 years, 1 years at KCS

As a classroom teacher at KCS, I feel blessed to be able to celebrate the individuality of each student. Through devotional discussions, weekly Circle, and Encouragement Teams, I feel that God works through me to provide experiences for His children that will enrich their educational experiences and develop deeper relationships with one another and, most importantly, with Him. Through Project-Based Learning and Genius Hour, my students are encouraged to explore His world through experiential learning that helps them to see how they fit into God’s diverse and incredible world and how they can make a difference, regardless of age. Learning from mistakes is something that is celebrated every day, where a Growth Mindset is encouraged and nurtured within our safe classroom environment.

What better way to bring glory to God than through music? I am very blessed to be able to lead praise every week within our school community in our Praise and Worship assemblies and Choir. Watching the students use their gifts in our school-wide musicals and throughout the Kingston community is also a highlight for me.

Teaching at KCS is a vocation, not an occupation, and I am truly honoured to be part of this incredible Christian community.


Serviss staff picMats Serviss

Grade 7/8 Classroom Teacher, 10 years, 2 years at KCS

Bachelor of Human Kinetics (Trinity Western University), Bachelor of Education (Queen’s University),

I love being able to openly discuss my faith and faith perspectives throughout the day at KCS. It is a wonderful blessing to integrate this vital component to all learning. I also enjoy making connections with each student that I teach. I get great enjoyment from the students and their varied personalities and interests.


Luchuk staff picGreg Luchuk

Physical Education, Building Manager, 2 years at KCS

Bachelor of Science(Trent), Cytotechnology diploma(Michener), 18 years cytotechnologist, 3 years KCS

I strive to achieve a clean, safe and comfortable environment to allow the students of KCS to maximize their learning experience.


Hood staff picDawn Hood

Educational Assistant, Before and After School Program Coordinator

Early Childhood Education (Sheridan College), 15 years, 6 years at KCS

I believe that God in his goodness has given each one of us gifts and talents, in varying degrees and forms.  My role at KCS allows me to use those God given gifts to guide, encourage, and teach children.  As an Educational Assistant and the Before and After School Program Coordinator, I have the pleasure of interacting with students individually and in small groups. To me personally, there is nothing more rewarding than helping a student work through an area of struggle, to watch students’ faces as they enjoy learning, to listen to children laughing, or simply watch them grow and mature.  My daily prayer is that the love of God would show through me while I work with the students and families He has brought to KCS.  God is quite amazing, (for a lack of a better word), for He knows that my work at KCS, truly satisfies the needs of my heart!


Doseger staff picShari Doseger

Educational Assistant

Early Childhood Education, 2 years at KCS



Minnema staff picNancy Minnema

Administrative/Financial Assistant

16 years at KCS

I have been actively involved in the Kingston Christian School community since my three children were enrolled in 1994.  i joined the staff and have been working in the school office for 16 years.  When you visit the school, I am usually the first person you see when you head up the stairs to the school offices on the right. I enjoy working and interacting with the students, staff, parents, and supporters of KCS, and feel greatly blessed to work in a Christian environment where teachers integrate faith and learning on a daily basis. I believe that my responsibilities as both the financial and administrative assistant make the day-to-day operations of KCS run efficiently and smoothly.